Week notes w/c 18 November 2019

Monday – Content design I was recommended this book by a content designer who told me “Sarah Richards, she literately wrote the book on content design”. And I’d recommend it on. It’s a small book, easy to read in a couple of sittings. And it lays out the ground work for content design. Focus on your message, write clearly, cut the fluff. But. And there is a but. I found

Week notes w/c 11 November 2019

Tuesday – a hug and a memory A colleague hugged me today just out of the blue. I think it came as much of a surprise to him as to me. A genuine expression of thanks and relief that reminds you how we’re all human and living in our own little pool of worries.  I’d done some research sessions a few weeks ago, standing in for a colleague and then

Week notes w/c 4 November 2019

Monday – research plans The start of the week was about getting feedback from my team and getting them on board with the research plan. Latter part of the week was about refining it for buy in from stakeholders. Two very different audiences but equally important so you can deliver your best as a user researcher.  As an agency researcher, the research plan serves as a statement of work that

Week notes w/c 28 October 2019

Research geeking The main theme of this week has been meeting other researchers from different disciplines to talk about what they’re exploring, learning and contributing the to the wider project that I’m also working in.  It was the first time I had come across systems mapping, a way to map out the interconnectedness of factors within the social, economic and political ecosystems around a topic of interest. It’s a big