Week notes w/c 30 December 2020

Last week of the week, time for closing some doors and looking for some new ones to open. Some of those are already booked into the calendar and need a good run up, others are yet to be discovered. Parkrun massive New year’s day is special in parkrun because the normal start time of 9am is lifted and events can choose when they start in the morning. From the runner’s

Week notes w/c 25 November 2019

Wednesday – OneTeamGov York The second OneTeamGov breakfast at York city council brought a smaller group but easier to talk. We discussed organisational cultures, particularly those unfamiliar with UX and UCD approaches, and ways to set up research repositories for sharing research learnings and skills. Looking forward to the next one in the new year. Thursday – CAMRA Members Weekend meeting Organisation is progressing well, and registrations are filling up.

Week notes w/c 11 November 2019

Tuesday – a hug and a memory A colleague hugged me today just out of the blue. I think it came as much of a surprise to him as to me. A genuine expression of thanks and relief that reminds you how we’re all human and living in our own little pool of worries.  I’d done some research sessions a few weeks ago, standing in for a colleague and then

Week notes w/c 4 November 2019

Monday – research plans The start of the week was about getting feedback from my team and getting them on board with the research plan. Latter part of the week was about refining it for buy in from stakeholders. Two very different audiences but equally important so you can deliver your best as a user researcher.  As an agency researcher, the research plan serves as a statement of work that

Week notes w/c 14 October 2019

Tuesday – building a discovery research plan tough call to do because there is so much to do Tuesday’s challenge was to prepare a research plan for the discovery phase of my project. We’ve got some pointers from earlier research, of where to go and look, which is great, but building a plan is still a challenge.  We don’t know what we don’t know. And we won’t know our discovery

Roche Abbey

Week notes w/c 21 September 2019

Monday – win-win research planning Until recently I was working in an agency running user research projects on an ad-hoc basis. In my new role I’m embedded in a large project. Not only does this give me the advantage of working with other user researchers but also allows me to learn from and build on research done before. For some reason, when you’re in an agency, clients are reluctant to