Last week of the week, time for closing some doors and looking for some new ones to open. Some of those are already booked into the calendar and need a good run up, others are yet to be discovered.

Parkrun massive

New year’s day is special in parkrun because the normal start time of 9am is lifted and events can choose when they start in the morning. From the runner’s perspective that means they might get a longer lie in from the exertions of the night before and not have to be at the start line until 10:30 …. or they get the chance to double up and run two parkruns in day!

That’s what happened in York with the York parkrun starting at the usual time of 9:00 and Heslington at 10:30. This allowed enough time for some 400 runners to do York and then either run, cycle or drive to the Heslington to finish that in style too. After all that I was very glad to dive into the outdoor pool at my gym and relax – yes outdoor pool on 1 January in Yorkshire, total luxury!

When normal parkrun day rolled around the weather wasn’t so great but no worries, I got to run a new event close to my sister’s and have breakfast made for me when I returned. Roll on 2020 😀

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