Wednesday – OneTeamGov York

The second OneTeamGov breakfast at York city council brought a smaller group but easier to talk. We discussed organisational cultures, particularly those unfamiliar with UX and UCD approaches, and ways to set up research repositories for sharing research learnings and skills. Looking forward to the next one in the new year.

Thursday – CAMRA Members Weekend meeting

Organisation is progressing well, and registrations are filling up. I’m organising a beer run on the weekend, route to be confirmed, so look forward to showing some CAMRA runners our fine city.

But before then is the small task of the 2020 York beer census. This will be the 5th census in the city and as ever only succeeds through the kind efforts of volunteers to spend a few hours on a Saturday surveying pubs. With the March census we’ll have 10 years of data to dive into and share about York pubs and beers. Watch this space.

Winter runs and beers – Mended drum beer festival

Friday night was the first deep frost of the year which transformed the grey brown and frankly, depressing palette of late autumn into a bright sparkly crisp winter morning. It also meant that my tourism park run at Wetherby was my first sub-zero run of the year. My hands suffered the worst – lesson for future – dress to keep peripherals warm cos the rest will take care of itself.

Sunday dawned a little warmer but still sunny so another country escape in order, this time with a clear destination in mind, the winter beer festival at the Mended Drum. This pub won the 2019 York CAMRA Pub of the Year award for good reason. They’ve always got a good selection on the bar, and their festivals are something to behold.

My joint favourites of the festival were Neutron Death Star and Very Bad Kitty. These are not chugging beers at 12 and 9 percent respectively, they are to be sipped and respected. And perhaps drunk with a chocolate pudding and sauce made with the beer 😀

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