Monday – research plans

The start of the week was about getting feedback from my team and getting them on board with the research plan. Latter part of the week was about refining it for buy in from stakeholders. Two very different audiences but equally important so you can deliver your best as a user researcher. 

As an agency researcher, the research plan serves as a statement of work that set out the terms of what you will deliver. As an embedded researcher the line between who delivers and who takes delivery is fuzzy because your team and your stakeholders will be involved in the research. 

It’s still important to share and agree a research plan though. It sets clear expectations of what will be researched, and most importantly, what will not. And it allows people to see concretely how and where they might be able to contribute, or at the least, come and observe. 

Sharing the research plan will trigger many questions. Some won’t understand your methods or why you chose them, some want more things included in scope, some will challenge how long it will take. Some will want you to drill down and explain every tiny detail and then come back to tell you how you should have done it, removing the key parts that were going to answer their research questions. Yes it does happen. 

But I look at this way. Every question is an opportunity to engage with people about user research and what’s worrying them. Understanding that allows you to communicate more effectively on how user research works and how it will help relieve those worries. 

Thursday – York beer runners

In other news, it was the first Thursday of the month so that means York beer runners, this week run out of Pivni. They do some damned good beers. Dangerously good. And some of our runners were practicing for Edinburgh 7 hills 7 beers next weekend. What I’m saying is there was running and beers, and some partook more of the latter than the former 😀 

Saturday – parkrun

Tourism parkrun at Easingwold. Lovely course, great sunshine and fantastic colours in the trees.

Sunday – drag and drop hell

Sunday was spent exploring different platforms for hosting a small business website. Most offer some form of free account so I had a play around to see what was on offer. It wasn’t nice. I’ve not used a drag and drop interface since Dreamweaver and I’m not convinced it has got better. More on that later. 

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